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Why we love React Native


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Programming In The Dark – Part III – The Consequences

(If you are not familiar with the Programming in the dark series, please read part I here and part II here. And for you guys who haven't heard of Terry Ross yet, he is our first blind intern.)   Picture this….   I can code stuff from the ground up, pretty much. I’m getting the hang of [...]

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What does that even mean? Tech terms explained by Imaginers.

Each profession has their own way of referring to things. Things the average person won’t understand. Doctors with their medical terms. Cops with their cop terms. But there’s no jargon like IT jargon. Two Imaginers got together to write a few terms relevant to their specific roles within the company. Dané: UI (User Interface)   [...]

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Android Junkie or Apple Fanboy?

  This is a common topic amongst even the most average of us. Many people stand toe-to-toe at parties to verbally slug it out. Which operating system is better. Two of our collaborators decided to write an article explaining their views on their particular preference, and why they prefer it.   Terry:   Our preferences [...]

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Programming In The Dark – Part 1

A lot of interns go unseen, unheard and spend most of their day at work doing coffee rounds. At IMGN we strive to give them the opportunity to not only learn, grow and master the basic coding skills, but we also want to give them the space to express themselves and experiment with different technologies [...]

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Open-Office Space: Happy or Horrendous?

The sound of keyboards typing away, low-key mumbles,bursts of laughter and shouts of breakthrough ideas melts together with the smell of coffee. In this apparent chaos one finds bliss. Or lose your sanity... Open-office design seems to be the latest trend in most modern companies. For a lot of people the idea might seem strange [...]

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Imaginers’ Favorite Applications

All of us has got that one app we simply can’t live without. It’s always fun to explore new apps and get suggestions from your friends. I asked a few of my colleagues about their favorite apps. Here’s what makes them tick and keep them glued to their screens, while improving their quality of life: [...]

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My top 6 favourite tech blogs

David Bailey once said:  “The best advice I ever got was that knowledge is power and to keep reading.” These are wise words, indeed. In a world where there’s "an app for that" and people seem to be getting dumber while devices seem to be getting smarter, it’s very important for us to keep up [...]

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Remote working & Company Culture

Flexi hours, remote working and company culture seems to be the topics on everybody’s lips nowadays. But what does this even mean? And, is this the way to go or not? Let’s start with remote working. Remote working simply means a distributed team, each member working from their home office. With commuting out of the [...]

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Marketing An App

Within this article I will be discussing all the possible ways to market an app and how to sell it to the right market. I did some research via Google and found the following solutions. Online Marketing - Website - Google Ads - Social Media - Email Marketing Printed Media -Newspaper -Magazine Billboards Door-to-door selling [...]

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