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Programming in the dark – Part IV : The last one

(If you haven't read the previous article in this series, please do so here)   It's been six months since I've started here at IMGN. Those months have flown by so fast it makes my head spin just thinking about it, but that could also be all the knowledge I've soaked up. The journey has [...]

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Tools to smoothen the coding ride

  Coding, in and of itself, isn’t the easiest journey. You’ve got your ups, your downs, your problems. Doesn’t any profession? Imagine, for a second: Thirty years ago computers were the size of dinosaurs. Huge, primitive things that took up a full room. One big unit that crunched zeros and ones. I’ve got to admit, [...]

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Programming In The Dark – Part II (The Actual Learning Bit)

I don’t know about you guys, especially the beginners, but this learning part of coding  is hard. Not impossible, but hard. By that I mean the kind of coding you do from memory alone, and not having to constantly look at your previous coding examples that you’ve coded from previous examples that you’ve coded from [...]

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