My top 6 favourite tech blogs

David Bailey once said:  “The best advice I ever got was that knowledge is power and to keep reading.” These are wise words, indeed. In a world where there’s "an app for that" and people seem to be getting dumber while devices seem to be getting smarter, it’s very important for us to keep up [...]

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Remote working & Company Culture

Flexi hours, remote working and company culture seems to be the topics on everybody’s lips nowadays. But what does this even mean? And, is this the way to go or not? Let’s start with remote working. Remote working simply means a distributed team, each member working from their home office. With commuting out of the [...]

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Marketing An App

Within this article I will be discussing all the possible ways to market an app and how to sell it to the right market. I did some research via Google and found the following solutions. Online Marketing - Website - Google Ads - Social Media - Email Marketing Printed Media -Newspaper -Magazine Billboards Door-to-door selling [...]

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ScaleConf Through The Eyes Of A Junior Developer

by Henriko Oberholzer Scale Conference: The holy grail of conferences for most developers. I had the privilege to attend this year’s ScaleConf. As a developer I have realised that I am different from most people. By different I mean the way I think and the way I talk. Most developers will agree with me that [...]

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Rapid prototyping for startups

A lot of start-ups make the mistake of trying to build a fully functional app. Most start-ups tend to focus on things they do best which normally results in building an app that nobody will use. This does not only take long to build but it also cost a lot of money to build. So [...]

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Building a team to create and support your bespoke software

Team Balance Team balance is a topic which is often ignored when setting up IT teams. I see too many companies trying to hire only the best of the best super geek developers and not think of the longevity of their system and how it will be supported. If you are not an IT business [...]

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