What does the IMGN Penetration Testing offer entail?

Before we can provide you with more information and a quote, please provide us with the following information:

• What event has led to the requirement for the penetration test?
• What type of test are you looking for? External or Internal penetration test?
• Which IP addresses and/or applications are in scope?
• Is there any documentation available?
• Are there any devices in place that may impact the results of the testing, such as
firewall, intrusion detection/prevention systems, web application firewall (WAF) or
load balancers?
• Is there a specific objective you woulkd like us to achieve, such as access a
• Is a specific testing window you need the test completing in?
• In the event that a system can be compromised, how should we proceed?
• Perform a local vulnerability assessment on the machine?
• Attempt to gain the highest privileges on the machine?
• Perform password attacks to recover user credentials?