“Don’t be afraid to get creative and experiment with your marketing.” - Mike Volpe

Within this article I will be discussing all the possible ways to market an app and how to sell it to the right market. I did some research via Google and found the following solutions.
Online Marketing
– Website
– Google Ads
– Social Media
– Email Marketing
Printed Media

Door-to-door selling

Online Marketing
Having a website for an app seems obvious. After all, a person looking for a certain app are most likely to Google it. But when should the website be set up and visible? According to Kissmetrics, a blog about marketing, you should have a set release date for your app and write about the upcoming app on your blog to build excitement. You should also have a website for your app where you count down the days till the launch of your app. This website should also provide people the option to subscribe to your mailing list.(See more about this under e-mail marketing) Apptamin writes that you should get your dedicated website up and running before you write your first line of code! So , in short – a dedicated website shouldn’t even be questioned.
Google Ads
One of the biggest buzz words in marketing: Google Ads. Ask anybody the way to go and they’ll tell you Google Ads. We live in an era where people are too lazy to ask around. They will rather type in their question in a search engine and scroll through the endless results. One can easily get lost in this buzz.With this platform you are able to set up a budget and with the right keywords get your ad visible to your chosen audience. It’s no question whether or not people will see your add. So, if you are willing to spend a little bit of money, this is definitely something to consider. And if you find that this option does not fulfil your needs or are not worth the money,you don’t have to spend anymore money than you originally invested. So, start small and see what it delivers.
Social Media
This one needs no introduction. We all know the basic social platforms such as Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn. In a world where everybody is always connected and on the go with their mobile phone stuck to their hand and FOMO in their hearts, one can’t help but make use of these platforms.
A dedicated Facebook page, Twitter account and LinkedIn page are not even to question. Seeing the corporate market on LinkedIn, it’s easier to target companies and corporate institutions than on Facebook or Twitter. Facebook on the other hand caters for the everyday person. From the mom
who does freelance writing from home to the CEO of a big company, there’s a big market covered by this specific platform. More than one billion users are active on Facebook! With things such as Facebook ads and the correct keywords a big market can be reached through this social site.
Twitter on the other hand has 305 Million users, as reported in the first quarter of 2015. This platform reaches tech-savvy people more than Facebook and also offers ads. One really can’t go wrong with setting up profiles on social media as it won’t cost you a thing. The only costs involved
are those of ads, if you prefer to use them. (Which is recommended in the beginning, just to ensure you reach a bigger audience later on.)
E-Mail Marketing
This concept may come over as ridden through. I beg to differ. Statistics have it that 70% of millenials check their emails daily from bed. 57% from the bathroom and 27% while driving. The fact is that E-mail is still alive and kicking, so why not make use of this by keeping in contact with your client base? You can source possible clients’ e-mail addresses via your website (giving them the option to sign up) or via them installing the app. (Asking for it in order to sign up) The nice thing about e-mail is that you can tell your customers about special offers, bug fixes and new releases.
Printed Media
Newspapers are still read on a daily basis by corporate people checking the current financial and business news. For more statistics on Newspapers in South Africa click here.
Magazines are more than just the glitz and glamour of Justin Bieber and the Kardashians. Magazines like Forbes, Fast Company and Stuff report on business news, science and technology.
For more info on magazines in South Africa click here.

Getting your brand on a billboard will definitely tell people about your product. The tricky part about this marketing option is finding the perfect location for your billboard so that you can reach the right group of people. South Africans spend about 13 minutes per hour in traffic daily. That is enough time to look out your car window and spot a massive billboard providing the answer to your problem. So, it will seem perfect to place the billboard next to the N1 or a road used daily by a high amount of vehicles. Placing an ad for a corporate type of app in a tech or business hub/center will also be wise, seeing people working in that area will most likely want to use it. This option can be pricey, but worth it if placed correctly.
Door-to-Door Selling
Building a personal relationship with a client is so much better than virtual contact via the internet or telephone. Getting a skilled individual who can go from business to business and convince management that their company can’t go on without this app can definitely work. Getting people to buy the product is easier when done personally as the client feels more special and are able to ask questions and feel valued. As the saying goes: Business are not build on people but on relationship. And once you have a good relationship with your current clients, new ones will come because they heard of you via word-of-mouth. And we all know there’s nothing better than a trusted service provider.
In Short
Online marketing is a must. It’s an open field where one can play with options and find one which works for you and your product. Printed media and billboards will get the client base who are not glued to their smartphone or checking their e-mail every 30 minutes. While door-to-door marketing will build personal bonds with your clients, ensuring trust and a good name in the future.