David Bailey once said:  “The best advice I ever got was that knowledge is power and to keep reading.”

These are wise words, indeed. In a world where there’s “an app for that” and people seem to be getting dumber while devices seem to be getting smarter, it’s very important for us to keep up with the latest in technology.
I will now list my favourite tech blogs, so you too can impress your geeky co-workers with your broad knowledge of what’s happening in the world of tech.
This blog is fun and controversial. Here one can find all the latest technology trends, funny videos and even some insight on the glitz and glam of Hollywood. So, you can keep up with technology and the Kardashians at the same time.

2. TechNewsWorld
Here you can find some high tech stuff, some political news and the latest insights on mobile technology. If you want to look like a real expert in front of your geeky co-workers, this is definitely the place in cyber space you should hang out.

3. How-To Geek
Okay, so you don’t know how to pull off something on your Windows machine and you don’t want to be seen as a complete Apple fanboy. Relax! How-To Geek has got your back!  This site is filled with tutorials and solutions to your everyday tech questions.

4. Tech Crunch
TechCrunch reports on everything happening in the world of tech. Find the latest headlines and follow the trends on this informative website. Also keep track of the technological events taking place around the globe.  So, next time, the office nerd takes off to America you at least know that it’s for nothing else than CES.

5. Codecademy
You can’t talk the talk,without being able to walk the walk. Equip yourself with the necessary skills. Here you can learn all things geeky, from Java to Python. With real easy, user friendly tutorials for complete beginners, this site is really a winner.

6. Positive Health Wellness

This fantastic blog gives you info on all the latest trends in tech and wellness. If you want to be the fitness guru with a geeky twist this site is a must read. One of my favorite articles on this blog is most definitely 8 Ways Technology Is Improving Your Health. 

Grab a cup of coffee, make yourself comfortable and get ready to up your game on a technical level.
There are many more wonderful sites out there. This is only my top six favourites.

What’s yours? Tell me in the comments.