by Henriko Oberholzer

Scale ConferenHenriko Oberholzerce: The holy grail of conferences for most developers. I had the privilege to attend this year’s ScaleConf.

As a developer I have realised that I am different from most people. By different I mean the way I think and the way I talk. Most developers will agree with me that we as developers differ from the rest of the world. If you are part of this group of devs, who see themselves  as different, ScaleConf is an excellent place to meet more people who understands your lingo and your way of doing things.

For you guys who have never attended SaleConf – It’s basically a conference where speakers tell us how to handle scaling in a company. Big companies like Facebook, for instance, will play a big role at such a conference.

The speaker who stood out for me was most certainly Michael Gorven from Facebook. What made his speech so impressive is the fact that even though he’s young, he spoke with great wisdom. His passion for his work showed clearly in the way he spoke without any notes in sight and with great nobility. His speech was about continous deployment  and I couldn’t help but listen with great attention. When the questions came from the audience, he proved himself again, answering without hesitation.

I really learned a lot. They spoke about much more complex stuff – stuff that I never had to deal with before. Job Thomas also captured my attention with his interesting speech on scaling support. I could relate to his teaching and he really came through to the audience thanks to his fun personality and way of expression.

This was a day I will never forget. An experience I want to have over and over again. If you missed ScaleConf this year, or never attended it in the past: Make sure you attend it next year!