Software Development & Integration Services

Whether you need customizations, new features or complete new solutions, IMGN can assist you with software development on a broad range of platforms ranging from stand-alone desktop applications to full-scale cloud-based web applications. We can also assist with integration of any legacy systems or modernizing of your existing applications. Our core capability lies with Java™ and Java™ related technologies, tools and frameworks as well as React Native.


With experience covering a broad spectrum of the IT field, we are in a perfect position to provide you with cost-effective advice regarding your IT and in particular software development needs.

Requirements Analysis, Design and Technology Research

We can assist you with the translation of business needs into software requirements and detailed designs. In addition to that we can also assist you with technology research and feasibility studies.

DevOps Service Offering with IMGN

We offer consulting services related to achieving DevOps culture and includes analysis of existing practices, infrastructure and tools.

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